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6 ways to be a Cyber Guardian with SWCRC’s Help

cyber guardian
Be a cyber guardian with SWCRC

In the realm of small businesses, where each team member often wears multiple hats, instilling a culture of cyber vigilance is not just beneficial—it's essential. Here are six ways you can leverage the spirit and resources of the South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC) to fortify your team’s defence against digital threats. 

1. Embed Cybersecurity into Daily Routines 

Think of cybersecurity like the health and safety of your digital environment. Regular drills and real-world simulations can help embed these practices into your team's daily routine. The SWCRC offers resources and workshops designed to fit the busy schedules of small business teams, turning cybersecurity from a daunting task into second nature. 

2. Tie Cyber Practices to Your Business Values 

Highlighting how strong cyber practices protect your business, your customers, and ultimately your reputation makes the concept much more tangible. SWCRC emphasises the connection between cybersecurity and business continuity, helping you communicate its value as a core part of your business strategy. 

3. Cultivate an Empathetic Security Culture 

Everyone's at a different stage in their cybersecurity journey, and that's okay. The SWCRC advocates for building a culture of patience and understanding, offering guidance and support tailored to the diverse needs of small businesses. This approach encourages openness and a proactive attitude towards cybersecurity within your team. 

4. Share Stories, Not Fears 

Use stories and case studies from the SWCRC’s wealth of experiences to illustrate the impact of good cybersecurity—and the consequences of neglect. Relatable, real-life examples can demystify cybersecurity, showing your team that it’s about protection and empowerment, not just a series of technical hurdles. 

5. Engage Through Fun and Recognition 

Gamify your approach to cybersecurity with challenges, quizzes, and recognitions for proactive behaviours. The SWCRC supports this with engaging content and interactive sessions that make learning about cybersecurity interesting and rewarding for everyone in your business. 

6. Find and Foster Your Cyber Champions 

Every team has its leaders—the go-to people others look up to. Identify and empower these natural influencers with the knowledge and tools provided by the SWCRC. They can lead by example, driving a positive security culture across your organisation. 


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