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Affordable Cyber Resilience

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Our Cyber PATH service is designed to make building cyber resilience affordable and effective for our members. We know that cyber security is a highly specialised skill set, and can be expensive for businesses or charities who seek support in improving their processes and software.

Cyber PATH

Cyber PATH taps into top talent, secured through our relationships with university partners around the South West and allows us to offer our members access to budding cyber security professionals - at a very affordable rate and under supervision. 

Our team are trained in their fields; we choose the best person for each commission, and they work alongside national experts to deliver top-quality products for you. The whole point of what we do is to make cyber resilience accessible to small business and charities too. 

We'll schedule a chat with you to understand more about your needs, your company and your systems, and then we'll give you a no-obligation quote. Find out more by downloading our services brochure, or by taking a look at the individual services below. 

Cyber PATH Services

Lots of us depend on our websites. This service assesses your site and web service for weakness. We'll describe in plain language what our finding means to your business, and how great the risk is. And of course, our report will include plans and guidance on how to fix the weaknesses.

Web Vulnerability Assessment

The service will scrutinise your internal networks and systems. We look for weaknesses such as poorly maintained or designed systems, insecure Wi-Fi networks, insecure access controls, or opportunities to access and steal sensitive data.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment 

Remote vulnerability assessments are focused on identifying weaknesses in the way your organisation connects to the internet. We'll provide a plain language interpretation of our probing, reveal any vulnerabilities that might be used by an attacker, and give simple recommendations on how to get safer.

Remote Vulnerability Assessment 

The training is focused on those with little or no cyber security or technical knowledge. We make it bespoke to your industry, and to you. Also, we can often access free training from your local policing team. Just ask. 

Security Awareness Training 

What could a criminal find out about your company, its systems, and its contacts online? This investigation gives you an analysis of what's out there, including information that might create reputational risk. Forewarned is forearmed.

Corporate Internet Investigation 

We know that criminals often target those in positions of authority: and there's probably more information out there than you realise. This type of investigation might be used to manage potential threats to a Director, or a specific person of interest.

Individual Internet Investigation 

This service offers a review of your current security policy, how it is written and how it is implemented. Because if you don't set the right parameters for your people and your activities, you're at much more risk than you need to be.

Security Policy Review 

This service offers a review of your business continuity planning and the resilience of your organisation to cyber-attacks such as ransomware or when attackers take control of your core systems. We know what happens in an attack, and your plans need to consider all angles.

Cyber Business Continuity Review 

Partner Services

If you require a service that is not listed above, then our CyberPATH team will not be able to deliver this for you. We have therefore partnered with 'cyber' companies around the South West which provide a wider range of services.

Membership is FREE so join today to receive your welcome pack and access to all of our cyber security advice and resources.

Want to improve your cyber resilience?

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