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Building a safer digital future for everyone

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre is a police-led, academia-supported, not-for-profit business. We exist for the sole purpose of making South West businesses, charities, and the public sector safer online.

The average cost of a cyber security breach to an SME.


Percentage of businesses that spotted a cyber attack within the last year.


Percentage of businesses that have undertaken a cyber security risk assessment.


Cost of membership to The Cyber Resilience Centre for the South West.


Free Support

We are funded by the Home Office to help you! Sign up for free to receive:​

  • A starter pack of guidance compiled by national experts, setting out the simple changes that make a huge difference to your digital safety

  • A twelve week, bite-sized email programme to walk you through the essentials

  • A free consultation (if you wish) to talk you through anything you’re struggling with

  • A continuing monthly update on the latest threats, so you know what to look out for

  • Regular webinars and podcasts on essential topics – like how to check your website is secure, or how your social media can be used against you.

Specialist Services

Cyber PATH is a range of services that we offer through our partnership with regional universities. We recruit and train the brightest talent from our region, to deliver technical, training and other starter services at a uniquely affordable rate. The service isn’t here to make money, it’s here to make you safer; and if you thought expertise was beyond your reach, it isn’t. 


CyberPATH Services include:

Our Partners

Our Cyber Essesntials Partners have been accredited by the UK national accreditation body, IASME, to provide accredited certification towards Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. So they understand the basics of cyber resilience, and they're located locally. We don't get anything from them if you use their service; we simply think that this is a better place to start than a google search. You can pick from the list below, or drop us a note and we'll talk you through who's closest, and offers the service that you need.  

We then have professional partners who provide services outside of Cyber Essentials, but have Cyber Essentials Certification so you can be sure that your suppliers are cyber aware.

What do we offer?


Local multi academy trust client, Somerset

Mark and his team took the time to meet with us several times, at no cost to ourselves, to talk through our requirements and answer many questions about how we could increase our security. The information provided was invaluable in helping us to assess responses and appoint a provider who we trust will be strong in this area. We can’t recommend their services enough, I would encourage anyone who is not quite sure where to start to get in touch.

Current member

I joined because I work with a lot of businesses so wanted to point them in your direction, and also share important updates with businesses & my colleagues. It also keeps me aware of not clicking on links etc - reminders are very useful!

Claire Brooks, MI

I didn’t know what I didn’t know about network security. The guys I was speaking to were very clear. Shortly after the completion of the work I did receive a very comprehensive report. The main thing for me was that it was very clear… the impact on  my business of having the testing was really reassuring. It’s safe, and my customers are protected or as protected as they can be. Would I recommend? Yes, absolutely. It’s a huge reassurance to have that stamp of approval.

Our team at The Cyber Resilience Centre is composed of experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to ensuring your security against cyber-attacks. 

Meet the team

Steve Shepherd

Chief Executive Officer

Hello there! I’m Steve, the CEO at the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, where I dedicate my efforts to protecting and strengthening businesses and organisations across our vibrant region. With a rich background as a UK Law Enforcement Cyber Protect Officer, I’ve now taken the lead at our centre, driving our strategy and nurturing partnerships to help shield our community from cyber threats. I believe in making cybersecurity both accessible and impactful. By working with our stakeholders to empower our community, I aim to ensure that everyone we work with has the tools they need to stay secure in our digital world. Outside of my day-to-day responsibilities, I indulge in my love for promoting online safety as a co-author of the D.O.G Online Safety Books, helping internet users of all ages navigate the web more safely. If you’re looking to strengthen your cyber resilience or discuss the latest in online safety, feel free to reach out!

Joseph Ross

Head of Cyber & Innovation

As the CTFO, Joseph is entrusted with the comprehensive responsibility of maintaining the SWCRC’s cyber resilience. This includes selecting and implementing appropriate technologies and conducting extensive training for employees and volunteers on cyber safety best practices. Additionally, he oversees the annual certification process for Cyber Essentials Plus, ensuring the organisation meets stringent cybersecurity standards. Financially, he manages the company's operations, including policy development for expense claims. In his HoCI capacity, Joseph is responsible for the operational output, providing cyber resilience expertise to regional organisations, managing all volunteers, and ensuring compliance with police vetting requirements. Furthermore, he acts as the academic liaison, fostering relationships with universities and integrating current research into the center’s practices.

Gary Carr-Smith

Advisory Group Lead

Gary is a former Merchant Navy Deck Officer and a retired Fire Officer having served in Avon Fire & Rescue Service for over 28 years, retiring in 2015. He has been a volunteer with Avon & Somerset Constabulary since 2016 as a role player within the Initial Training section and joined the SWCRC as a volunteer in 2021 as coordinating lead for the Advisory Group.

Our Partners

Join our community today to receive your welcome pack and access to all of our cyber security advice and resources.

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