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Join Our Community

Join our community of businesses, charities and education providers who want free help with building cyber resilience.

By joining our community, we will give you:

  • Monthly email updates of current cyber risks, scams and threats as well as recommendations for what you can do to avoid cyber attacks or cyber crime 

  • A curated pack of all the national guidance you’ll need, including signposts to free training, war-gaming exercises, and the ABC’s of cyber

  • A twelve-week bite-sized programme of simple things to change to strengthen your security - you can share this with your colleagues to build your cyber resilience

  • Invites to our webinars on cyber topics like password managers or multi-factor authentication

  • A free consultation with one of our cyber team to help you get started

  • A regular programme of webinars, podcasts and events to respond to your cyber needs

  • Exclusive access to our Cyber Path, an amazing initiative which connects you with local cyber students working under the guidance of senior cyber professionals to provide affordable cyber help for our community

  • Access to our network of local cyber companies if you do need a commercial partner... all of whom are certifying bodies for a government-backed cyber scheme, so you know that you're dealing with someone who really does understand cyber security

  • The reassurance that all of this comes from a police-led and Home-Office funded outfit whose core role is to make you safer, rather than to make money out of you

Below, you'll find more detail about core membership with the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, and the link for registration. We’re not for profit, so this membership is free. It will give you a welcome pack with easy-to-understand guidance from the government’s National Cyber Security Centre and a number of useful tips.


We'll contact you to make sure you've got it, and to invite feedback if you have any queries. We will also provide you with regular updates about new threats so that you can stay safer online. And we’ll let you know about specific events that we're running that might be useful to you.

Webinar Series

We invite experts in cyber security to join us for our 30 minutes 'Cereal & Cyber Security' series which start at 0815. 

One of most popular webinars recently was on Mastering Password Managers and is crammed full of useful information. You can catch it on our YouTube channel.

You'll also find other webinars including:


 How Secure is Your Router


 How do Hackers Attack your Website

Collaborator Memberships

Cyber Resilience Collaborator Memberships

These are intended for companies who wish to work with us, to spread awareness within the South West region of cyber resilience offerings. Please note, we do not directly recommend individual products or suppliers, although we do refer members to our trusted partners where they ask for support.

£500 p.a


  • Core membership benefits

  • Use of the SWCRC logo on your website

  • A listing on the SWCRC website

  • Quarterly briefing on cyber trends and consultation on emerging issues

  • Bespoke marketing material to make our offer available to your supply chain, including webinar participation if required

  • A feature in our e-newsletter to present your company’s offering to our members

  • A place at the annual reception where we hear from keynote speakers

£1500 p.a


  • Core and bronze membership benefits

  • 10% discount on student services

  • Half day staff awareness session about cyber resilience for up to 30 of your team, led by our student services members

  • Two social media releases about your membership, your company offer, and your contribution to SWCRC

  • One joint podcast with SWCRC, released onto our youtube channel, to discuss an aspect of cyber resilience relevant to your business

  • One additional entry into e-news to present your company’s offering to our members

  • One further place at the annual reception

£3000 p.a


  • Core and silver membership benefits

  • One joint event per year to a target audience

  • An introduction to our TP network, to discuss shared agendas and business opportunities

  • Two joint podcasts with SWCRC, released onto our youtube channel, to discuss an aspect of cyber resilience relevant to your business

  • A one-month SWCRC social media campaign, based on NCSC guidance, to align with your own objectives and marketing strategy

  • Three further places at the annual reception

£500 p.a

This membership is limited to those companies accredited by IASME to award Cyber Essentials/ Cyber Essentials plus status. Please enquire if you qualify and are interested. Trusted partners are afforded the benefits of bronze level membership. They help us in putting together good practice information for all of our members, and we signpost others to them for cyber services.  

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