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Why join our Board?

SWCRC depends on the support of the business community to make things happen. At its heart, it’s a partnership, with funding significantly drawn from the Home Office, but also a core of great private sector people who counsel, advise and resource it to do more within the locally community. It’s in this spirit that we are constantly scanning our horizon for new Management Board members, and we wanted to take a minute to demystify what that involves.

Our management board will invariably involve big regional businesses, sitting alongside the policing representatives who lead our cyber work locally and nationally. They’ll be big because (bless them) they provide financial support: they understand the value of safeguarding the regional economy and investing in the future of smaller businesses. But they won’t inevitably be cyber experts. We know lots of those already, but we know less about the challenges of retail, hospitality or manufacturing. So we don’t need people to talk code. We need people to talk business, risk, marketing and planning.

Our board doesn’t have the legal responsibilities of Directors, but they undertake broadly the same functions. We ask them to review our financial and operational plans, to set our strategy, and to review our performance. They meet quarterly, and where they’ve the time and energy to do so, they check in with us between times too, either to collaborate on projects, or to provide further guidance.

And what do they get out of it? Well, there’s definitely something here about corporate social responsibility: we provide a great way to support the regional economy in the widest way possible, and we know that this can also be useful for those who are required to demonstrate good work as part of their contract bids. There’s something about marketing value and brand alignment: as a police-owned organisation, we have strong and ethical credentials, and we partner with leading lights across the South West. And, bluntly, there can be something about self-protection too, because we can help safeguard all of the businesses who transact with our board partners.

So, as year end approaches, if you’re looking to do the right thing within the business community, we’d like to put ourselves forward as a great way to start. It’s a great way to give back, whilst being part of something rather unique. If you’re interested in finding out more, drop us a note at, and we’ll be in touch.


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