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Helping Graphcore with cyber guidance

One of our more impressive clients are Graphcore, a Bristol-based business that has created a new processor specifically designed for machine learning workloads. They’ve been trading for around seven years, and have become a multi, multi-million pound business at the forefront of technology. A real success story within the local economy, they now have offices across the world, and a compelling vision in deploying tech to enhance human potential, bringing about progress that everyone can benefit from.

We spoke with Hugo, their information security manager, to find out why a company like his had sought the support of the South West Cyber Resilience Centre, despite their obvious expertise and credentials. Here’s what he said.

“The programme of cyber guidance has been great because it gives us a structure and checklist, which was good to have. It was reassuring to see that we were doing something on most of the areas already, but in some cases there has been new guidance that we’ve implemented. And the monthly updates are very helpful. We have a number of sources and SWCRC’s is one of the ones that we check. It’s useful to know about the incidents and threats that are happening at the time.

“Also, I’m definitely interested in the SWCRC webinars. They don’t come from a vendor, trying to sell their stuff. But I know that the centre does also have a student services aspect, and I’m definitely now looking to find out more about how it can help us. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to find the time to progress everything, and I think this might be a way to help!”

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