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Not for Profit organisations are losing millions, but it’s preventable

The ‘third sector’ has a problem.

It doesn’t necessarily know that it has a problem, but it does and that problem is cyber security. Industry estimates suggest that the charity sector as a whole, loses millions every year and the real concern is that this figure is growing weekly, if not daily.

Even the large charitable organisations out there have the same issue but to an extent they’re able to tackle that problem by the recruitment of a specialist cyber team to act against the threats. These people can spot vulnerabilities, prevent occurrences and take evasive action when it does happen.

The problem with the charity sector is that the majority of organsations simply aren’t in a position where they can recruit experienced and knowledgeable people on this sort of level.

However, more and more small and medium sized charities are turning to the likes of BIT Security to outsource their cyber security in an effort to prevent attacks, to minimise financial loss and prepare them for a future that is cyber safe.

Based in the South-West, BIT Security is a national company offering a fully out-sourced service, supporting small existing cyber security and IT teams or working with those organisations that currently have nothing in place at all.

BIT Security prevent financial loss which happens as a result of cyber attacks which leads to theft of information, bank and payment card details, disruption of trading or even the complete loss of the charity. Bear in mind that if there were to be a breach in a charities security then income would drop dramatically out of fear alone.

There is of course, another reason for making sure that organisations have a suitable level of cyber security and that’s because there’s now a legal requirement to prevent data breaches on information that they hold.

BIT Security’s cyber services provide customers in the charity sector with swift, clear advice and an expert eye on networks, reducing the threat of cyber incidents and ensuring that those organisations and their systems remain operational and with their data safe.

Their hands-on approach to cyber is not only affordable but it also provides organisations with the confidence to feel secure leaving them to get on and do what they do best, raising money for good causes. BIT Security offers a flexible range of services ensuring a high level of assurance which allows charities to be more agile against the complex environments that are constantly changing, posing different threats every day.

BIT Security offers cost-effective monthly subscription packages starting at just £10 a month, which offer support to charities that want to meet their data security targets. They integrate and protect data, continuously train staff to spot phishing emails, audit current security provisions and support businesses on their journey to better cyber security.

Whenever organisations in the charity sector start thinking about cyber security it’s not really a question of ‘how much is it?’ it’s more a question ‘what’s the cost if I don’t do it?’ and what price do you put on loss of donations, grant funding and a damaged reputation.

The charity sector is not above this sort of threat, in fact it remains one of the most vulnerable sectors to cyber-attacks. So, if you’re looking for anti-virus support, team training against phishing, bespoke security awareness and 24hr a day monitoring then BIT Security might be a sensible first port of call.

For more information on the service they offer and the protection they can give, get in contact with them at


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