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Calling Insurance Brokers

Insurance brokers help SMEs with cyber protection

Are you an insurance broker in the South West region? We’d like to suggest a bit of a partnership.

You’ll know that cyber insurance regularly tops the list of business risks. It’s almost unique in being able to come from nowhere, without warning, and destroy a business totally. And according to the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, it’s the smaller companies – often with least resilience – who account for 96% of attacks.

And yet. In an already tough environment, 40% of brokers say that businesses are ending cyber cover because of cost pressures elsewhere. 

Insurance Brokers

We’d like to work with the insurance sector to increase the understanding of risk, and to help small businesses and charities mitigate it. We’re funded by the Home Office and regional policing to provide free, no-strings support (think of it as reassuringly expensive if you prefer: it’s just that someone else is footing the bill). From giving your clients basic guidance, to providing regular threat updates, we’ll do our utmost to keep them safe, solvent, and aware of cyber risk: no charge. And if they don’t understand digital concepts – those off-putting questions you ask them about in proposal documents – then we can signpost them to non-technical guidance that they’ll understand.

If you’d like to find out more about how we’re already working with the sector to help develop solutions, please register for our forthcoming webinar on March 11th. We’ll be joined by BIBA, and brokers small to large, to talk about how we can increase awareness and take up of cyber security protection. We’d really like to work with you, to make sure that your clients are as protected as they can be. 


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