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Want to improve your cyber resilience?

How does our technical cyber service benefit businesses?

You get the free stuff, you ignore the paid bits. It’s a well-trodden path.

In the world of SWCRC, we were once happy with that. We don’t need to make money from our members, and with funding from the Home Office, regional police, and altruistic businesses like @leonardo cyber security, we have a stated position that we don’t regard our members as a meaningful source of income. Odd, we know.

But we’ve been finding lately that some of our members don’t know about our paid stuff at all, and that kind of bothers us. Because as part of our business model, we’ve very deliberately set up a host of services which allow you to understand your risk, and take beginner steps, before you approach a potentially costly cyber partner. And that feels like something that we should be shouting about, because it’ll help you to save money, and to make better-informed decisions.

So - a brief word about our technical services. We can look at your website security, we can check the vulnerability of your systems to outside hackers, and we can tell you what damage could be done by someone inside your network. How? Through our partnerships with local universities, from whom we select undergraduate and postgraduate students, whom we check, train, and insure. They’ll check out your security using a set approach and appropriate tools, under the guidance of cyber security professionals employed by the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group.

Why is this anything new?

1) You’ll pay a uniquely affordable rate, because you’re getting support via our academic networks.

2) You’ll get a great service: in fact, you’re guaranteed a level of professionalism that you might not achieve if you find someone via your search engine.

3) You have the reassurance that we won’t be looking to sell you anything else, or to implement expensive fixes. What SWCRC offers with its technical service is essentially a checklist of where you’re safe, and where you’re vulnerable. You can then approach a cyber partner with the confidence that you know what you need, and you know what you’re talking about.

Free can be great. But sometimes, paying can be good too. And if you want bespoke feedback on how secure your business is, our offer is far more than ‘cheap’. We prefer ‘unique’. If you want more detail about how our technical service can help your business to understand its security, either drop us a line or go to , and download a brochure to find out more.


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