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Everything you wanted to know about cyber security but were afraid to ask

We held a really successful webinar a few days ago in collaboration with three of our Trusted Partners, Ben Franklin from Bluescreen IT in Plymouth, Jim Hawkins from C3IA Solutions in Poole, Dorset and Pete Woodward from Securious IT Solutions in Exeter.

The format of the webinar was a panel discussion of questions submitted by the core members entitled ‘Everything you wanted to know about cyber security but were afraid to ask’. We asked our members to submit their questions that we would then put to our panel of experts.

The response was really great, with the main themes involving passwords, basics of cyber defence, what to do in the event of a breach and post attack, as well as updates and patching.

It was a really useful 30 mins and for those who couldn't attend on the day, you can watch it in full below. Keep an eye out for our next event coming soon, too.

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