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The simplest way to close the digital door on cyber crime

Updated: May 6, 2021

When you hear words such as ‘cyber-attack’, ‘phishing scams’, ‘security breach’ and ‘ransomware’, do they seem alien, not relevant to your business or perhaps, overwhelming?

Although cybercrime is a growing threat, many smaller businesses see it as being a complicated or expensive risk to manage. And without the right help, that’s quite possibly true.

The purpose of the South West Cyber Resilience Centre (SWCRC) is to help businesses and charities in the area avoid the average annual loss of over £8,000 suffered by small businesses when taking a financial hit from a successful cyber-attack.

Hesitation when implementing something new in unfamiliar territory is understandable and that’s why the SWCRC’s focus is on protecting the regional economy by getting simple, common sense guidance out there.

To level the playing field, core membership is completely free of charge which includes a welcome pack with resources and tools that walk members through some really practical cyber security basics:

  • What a good password looks like

  • Things to consider when backing up your data

  • How to keep your mobile devices safe

  • Signs of a suspicious email

A monthly email features updates on the latest guidance, newest tips, and scams to be aware of. There are also periodic webinars to guide business owners and leaders through a hot topic agenda. In short, core membership adds value to businesses, not costs.

If a little more is needed, it’s also worth checking out the cyber resilience centre as a gateway to additional assistance such as the student service offering formed with regional universities. Hand-picked students work alongside the experienced team to investigate in high-level detail where recommendations can be made to protect further.

The centre’s director Mark Moore says where detailed or bespoke advice is needed, the SWCRC can help provide access to it inexpensively and from sources know you can trust.

He added: “Cyber security often feels technical and complicated, so it gets left as something which only happens to other people. The reality is, 39% of businesses have spotted an attempt to breach their systems in the last 12 months, although there will many more which are entirely unaware, given that networks have become so stretched over the pandemic.

“If we can provide you with help and guidance for free, becoming a member feels like a bit of a no-brainer to me.”

Sign up to core membership and help your business become safer and to stay that way. There’s nothing to lose if you do.


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