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Case study: How SWCRC student services helped local tech company Artoro

We speak a lot about incorporating cyber basics into your daily business-as-usual tasks such as backing up your data, software and patching updates and enabling two-factor authentication, as they go a long way in stopping intruders from accessing your business and there’s absolutely no financial cost attached to implementing them.

If further investment into your cyber security is something you maybe haven’t considered before, it’s worth noting that a more technical deeper dive will identify where any other potential vulnerabilities could be. The results providing you with clear-cut evidence of weaknesses in your business that a cybercriminal will have a field day exploiting if it remains undetected by you.

We do this through the SWCRC’s student services department, which is filled with the best university talent from around the region who are at the top of their game. They work alongside seasoned cyber experts to deliver eight affordable services including remote vulnerability assessments, security awareness training and cyber business continuity reviews.

If you wanted to know how secure your website and systems are against the most current attacks, get someone to develop your cyber contingency plans, or even find out what publicly available information might be used to compromise you or your employees, we can help.

Steve Lawrence, director of Salisbury travel technology company Artoro, recently contacted us after developing a new application that he wanted to ensure was airtight against threats before launching the products to clients.

We sat down with him to chat about his experience of being guided through the student services process, the impact the work had on the daily running of the business and the key learnings from it all.

If you would like to know more about our student services, please get in touch and we can run through the most beneficial investigations we can do for you and your business.


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