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Want to improve your cyber resilience?

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We all recognise the feeling - you're a busy professional with responsibility for cyber-security but not enough time in the day to keep on top of all the new threats and updates. This might help you!

The Cyber-security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) is an initiative set up to exchange cyber threat information in a secure, confidential and dynamic environment. The South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit (SWRCCU) runs a South West 'node' which puts on regular events, shares posts on what's going on, and encourages discussion about the current threats and vulnerabilities.

CiSP is for professionals who have responsibility for cyber security within their organisation. You may be in IT or the business owner with a grasp of cyber security. We see mostly IT admins, CISOs, network engineers, data protection officers and security analysts. You must work for a UK registered organisation or the UK Government.

Why join CiSP?

  • You'll engage with your counterparts in other organisations

  • You'll receive early warnings of threats

  • You'll be able to share and learn from the experiences, mistakes and successes of others in the network

  • You'll be better able to protect your own IT networks

  • You'll have free access to monitoring reports tailored for your organisation

CiSP is completely free but you need to be:

  • part of a UK based organisation

  • responsible for the defence and administration of your organisation's networks

  • sponsored by an existing CiSP member, Government Department or Regional Cyber Protect Officer

The SWRCCU can sponsor your application if you're in the South West. Just email their Protect team on

Once you have sponsorship details, you can apply to join CiSP on the NCSC website.


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