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Changing mindsets about cyber security in farming and agriculture

Cyber security in farming and agriculture is a hot topic for us at the SWCRC. Helping farmers, growers, producers, veterinarians, automation technicians, grain buyers and other professionals in the sector to keep their businesses safer from online threats has never been more important. However, changing how people view cyber security in the first instance is a whole other ball game.

Are online criminals really interested in a fledgling Okehampton micro-enterprise over an agri-farming business with significant turnover in Swindon? The answer is both are of great interest to hackers as they carry data and lots of it – contracts, contacts, financial information, performance reports, employee details, the list is plentiful.

And then there’s the high-spec machinery, vehicles and tools that are being stolen to order by criminal gangs. Technology is a great thing, but it also has very problematic drawbacks when there’s a lack of awareness of how to protect these assets in a digital safeguarding capacity.

Raising awareness about cyber security basics is imperative and the SWCRC’s director Mark Moore chatted with Lee Hibbert, director of digital assurance at from ICT provider Bamboo Technology Group, to highlight how attacks are happening in farming and the simple preventative measures that can reduce the risks.

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