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Avoid the bait, don't get hooked - Phishing tips for your employees

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Every day in the UK there are over 156 million phishing emails that are sent, 16 million of these pass the filters that are meant to stop them, leading to 8 million phishing emails still being opened.

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly difficult to spot, so it is extremely important that your employees are all working as safely as possible.

Here is a short video highlighting the most common things to look out for to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing attack.

The South West Cyber Resilience Centre provides free core membership as well as a number of bespoke paid membership packages which can be further enhanced through a series of additional ‘bolt-on’ services such as a half-day staff awareness session at your site (up to 30 people).

Our security awareness training covers a whole host of cybersecurity subjects, from passwords and phishing to spoofed websites and multi-factor authentication. However, our Ethical Hacking Students do not deliver this in a mundane lecture full of technical jargon. We speak normal language, are fun and translate cyber security advice into easy to understand snippets to increase awareness across your organisation.

With the correct training, your employees can improve their cyber awareness which will develop your first line of defence to your company. When attackers defeat your technical measures successfully delivering a phishing email containing a bad link or a piece of malware, staff are usually on their own to identify malicious activity stopping the attack, so ensuring that they are confident is key to preventing a cyber incident.

Each session is tailored to the audience, so if you are part of a Board for a National company or a small team of hairdressers looking for some initial advice then we will be able to help - one size does not fit all. Our fully tailored session will address the issues you are facing in your sector.

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