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£1700 for six months of phone bill? Seems a little steep, doesn’t it.

Following last year’s success where police broke into the Encrochat secure comms network used by cross-border criminals, many of them defected to the Sky ECC network, paying top whack to keep their conversations secret. (You know how it is when you’re buying those surprise presents).

In this article by The Guardian, Sky ECC clarified in a statement that they have not been hacked.

Tragically though, phony devices sold through an unauthorised channel were compromised by phishing attacks, whereby people are fooled into sharing their account access details. The outcome: 80 people in custody, 28 guns recovered in a single city, and hundreds of millions of messages relating to criminal activity now in police hands.

Phishing can be a real risk to business, and if you have a business or charity in the South West, our police-led team is here to help you, with advice and tips for free.

Scams have come a long way since all you needed to look for was an unrecognised sender and a weak grasp of grammar. But we should say – if your business is drugs supply, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Perhaps drop us a line, and we’ll refer you on to some of our friends who’d love to speak with you?

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